Driver Of Nipsey Murder Getaway Car Fears For Her Life - Wants Protection

Funeral Procession Of Hip Hop Artist And Community Activist Nipsey Hussle Travels Through His L.A. Neighborhood

The woman who drove the getaway car in the fatal shooting of the late Nipsey Hussle, says she is scared for her life after receiving several threats again her life.

The woman who has been granted immunity for her testimony in the case, claims that she is terrified she will be the victim of retaliation. According to TMZ, since she is a key witness whose testimony will help convict the murderer, police are reportedly going all out to protect her.

The woman, identified only as Witness 1 in court documents, expressed serious concern for her safety and an LAPD detective said he has investigated her claims and found numerous threats have been made against her.

The detective also says that with images of her face and her license plate being shared n social media, the LAPD has decided it is “very important” to place her under their protection.

Photo: Getty

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