Cardi B's Press Video Will Blow Your Edges Off - Bars, Nudity, Murder...

Well good GOD! This was practically a mini movie we just watched.

Cardi B just dropped the highly anticipated video for 'Press' and her creative team took took the cake with this one. In the visual we get to see couture Cardi as she's tried in court and that's when things take a turn for the gory worse with all witnesses getting BODIED.


I was so specific with this video I wanted to co direct with someone who can understand my vision and don’t say ITS NOT POSSIBLE for a answer 😂😩😩.Thanks glam for taking good directions and trusting me on glam and working together to make the looks possible . I wanted these white eyebrow ,white hair look so bad! Ya work together and made it happen just how I wanted it."

And the acting on the rapper's part was so on point that we're more than ready for Belcalis to make her big screen debut!

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