All The Times Cardi B Slayed Her Courtroom Fits

Cardi B has been making numerous court appearances due to her legal issues but in usual Cardi fashion, heads turn due to her high fashion slays.  So we've decided to round up some photos of her court appearances and break down which designers accompanied her to face the judge


In April she came through in all designer rocking Dior sunglasses, all-white dress trousers by Christian Siriano and a taupe Birkin bag.

Cardi B Arrives At Court For First Day Of Trial Addressing Misdemeanor Assault Charge

In May had all eyes on her when she strutted the courtroom with a hot pink pants suit paired Christian Louboutin stilettos and a sleek long black wig.

Cardi B Arraigned In Court After Grand Jury Indictment

Her latest court appearance yesterday (June 25) she rocked a two-tone pink and navy Brogger Gurli suit worth around $2,000 and a polished dark blue bob wig. Cardi has a couple more court appearances to make us wonder what the legal fashion mogul has up her sleeve. 

Yesterday Cardi plead not guilt on the 12 charges, including 2 counts of felony attempted assault with intent to cause serious physical injury. Other charges include misdemeanor reckless endangerment, assault, criminal solicitation, conspiracy and harassment.

All Photos: Getty

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