Evelyn Lozada Shares The Emotional Story of Finding Her Grandfather

Gearing up for the newest season of Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada stopped by The Angie Martinez show.

The reality star who just dropped a trailer for the new season of the show on her Instagram gave a little insight as to what we can expect from the latest season. In the promo she was also seen fighting which Angie promptly called her out for. In her defense Lozada said it was all about her kid which gives her a pass for throwing down.

Evelyn shared with Angie the story of how she was able to find her Grandfather after a life-long search. The story goes that her grandmother ran away while she was pregnant with her mom, with her mother never being able to know her father. Lozada hired a private investigated and was able to find him & surprise her mom! Speaking to Angie her grandfather made it clear that it has been a blessing to be back in their lives and never wanted them to think that he abandoned them at all.

Check out Evelyn Lozada's full Interview on The Angie Martinez show below...

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