Trina Shares Experience Working w/ Nicki, Dodging Bullet w/ Tory Lanez

Trina pulled up to The Angie Martinez show today ahead of the release of her 6th studio album "The One"!

The Miami born rapper just dropped her brand new single with Nicki Minaj last night titled "Baps"! Speaking on the new record Trina revealed that the original idea for the song came from Nicki. The song of course was made before Nicki got into he new relationship. Citing that Nicki gave her the record, Trina also revealed they went back & forth over the song. Angie also asked about her experience working with the Queens MC in which she responded, “I feel like if she feels like your true to her or your true to her, ive never had an issue with her, I don’t know peoples history or whatever, we’ve never had an issue” .

On their collab record Trina also comes for some of her past flings talking about curving French Montana, Tory Lanez & James Harden. Touching upon how she handles relationships once they are over she said, “I never be trying to make people look crazy, if things don’t work out I just keep it moving”

Check out the full Interview below...

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