What Is Happening In Sudan?


While many have no clue of what's going on in Sudan, I'm here to bring awareness!

In the past few weeks you may have been seeing posts on social media about Sudan and how something bad is going on over there. Yet you probably don't have any clarity as to what exactly is happening or how these people are being affected. So I'm going to try my best to explain the horrible and violent situation they're in at the moment in simple terms.

  • Sudan has been plunged into a violent crisis after more than 100 pro-democracy protestors have been killed by the militia on the streets in cold blood. The peaceful protests came about after the Transitional Military Council (the current military junta governing Sudan) announced plans for military to rule for a two-year transitional period until elections are held, going against the people's demand for civilian rule.
  • At the moment there are reports that dozens of people have been killed in attempts to clear the sit-in protests, at least 40 bodies have been found dumped in the nile river and many people remain missing. More than 700 people are believed to be injured as civilians are being gunned down by the military and there are widespread reports of systematic rapes against women.
  • The north-east African country has been in complete chaos since the military's brutal crackdown began on June 3, but the current wave of unrest started in December 2018 when civilians rose up against former President Hassan al-Bashir over the spirallng costs of bread and fuels.

I will wrap up by saying that hat’s going on in Sudan is horrific and heartbreaking. There’s a complete disregard for human rights. Praying for everyone there 🙏🏾

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