Job Scoring Tips For College Graduates

Hillary Clinton Delivers Commencement Address For Hunter College Graduates At Madison Square Gardens

With college graduation season behind us, now it's time to get busy looking for a job!

You already know Sallie Mae will not be taking any excuses once repayment season arrives, so I've decided to give college graduates some tips on landing a job even if they have practically no work experience.

  • Personality Is Key: don't sleep on the fact that someone will hire you over another candidate if they liked your personality better. Yes even if the other person is more qualified, if you make a great impression and come off as a positive person who will bring amazing energy to the office an employer may be inclined to hire you.
  • Polish Up That Resume: don’t be afraid to ask for help when it comes to your future, so use all successful folks in your life to look over your resume and suggest changes. Also make sure that your resume reflects the type of job that you are applying for since companies immediately notice candidates who are already experienced in their industry. Lastly, don't be afraid to have different versions of your resume to use for different types of positions or companies.
  • Transferable Skills and Interests: please understand that your major doesn’t determine your career. Before heading out to an interview, break down all your skills that you can transfer to other areas of work and fields which would not be associated with your major and pitch those to interview if they say your major does not apply to the position.
  • Highlight Soft Skills: let interviewers know all about your ability to easily work with groups, be super creative and how great you are at problem solving. The actual logistics of a position can easily be learned, but theses skills can't always be taught.
  • Build a Network: everyone and I mean everyone you’re interacting with could be part of your network. When attending events work the room, meet people and identify who could possibly help you get into a great company. One thing, I can't stress enough is staying in contact with people you met during internships, most importantly the supervisors who I hope you left uber impressed.
  • Be Bold: when it comes to negotiating, don't be afraid to make demands. Whatever you ask for you may not get it, but you may get some of it. So don’t be afraid to ask, just be respectful about and be ready to back up why you deserve it.
  • Know Your Interviewer: the biggest mistake you can make is pulling up to an interview with no knowledge or the person who are meeting with or the company you claim you want to work for. Before showing up ready to "Be Bold" and demand that salary you believe you deserve, do some research on who you will be sitting across from and what's going on with their company.
  • Stay Positive: job hunting isn’t easy, we all know that. While that dream position may not fall on your lap overnight, don’t stress and keep at it! Remember these are only your first steps into the real world so be patient and keep grinding because that dream job will come your way eventually.

No go get busy applying, interviewing and scoring that dream job!

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