Art Installation Showing Crying Children In Cages Are Popping Up Around NYC

Pop Up Installations Depicting Crying Children In Cages Appear New York City, Aiming To Highlight US Mexico Border Crisis

A new street installation showing children in cages are popping up all around NYC. Police were called to take down and seize the art pieces which are political statements referring to how innocent children are being treated along the Mexican border.

The art pieces consist of a children mannequins, covered by foil blankets, with the hair and feet of the child being able to be seen from both ends. There is also a continues audio loop a child crying.

The group deemed "No Kids In Cages" goal is to bring awareness to how families are being treated and separated along the border.

You can check out some of the locations the exhibit is as below as well as pictures.

A full list of locations where they cages are located via CBS news:

  1. Columbia/Barnard
  2. Natural History Museum
  3. CNN
  4. Hunter College
  5. Fox News
  6. New York Times
  7. Madison Square Park
  8. Union Square
  9. BuzzFeed
  10. 9th & 2nd/NYU
  11. Newsweek
  12. Google/Chelsea Market
  13. Whitney/Highline
  14. Instagram/HuffPo
  15. Broadway & Houston
  16. Refinery 29
  17. Brooklyn Bridge Entrance
  18. Brooklyn Bridge View (Dumbo)
  19. YMCA Park Slope
  20. York St. F (Dumbo)
  21. Vice
  22. Barclays/Atlantic Center
  23. Bedford Stop (Williamsburg)
  24. McCarren Park

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