New York State May Become The First State To Decriminalize Prostitution

In a shocking move New York legislators are gearing up to make a push to decriminalize sex work in New York State.

On Monday lawmakers filed what would be the first bill ever to make prostituion legal.

Speaking on the matter Senate Labor Comittee Chair Jessica Ramos had to say this:

"Decriminalizing sex work between consenting adults in New York will protect many of my neighbors people who have found themselves in limited situations because of employment and housing discrimination, Decriminalizing sex we will finally make strides against trafficking by empowering sex workers to report violence against them. Sex work is work and everyone has an inherent right to a safe workplace.”

One of the biggest parts of the bill will repeal loitering for the purpose of prostitution laws, which some advocates express that this unfortunately involves the profiling of trans people as well as people of color.

This is part of an ongoing movement with other states also working towards sex workers rights bills.

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