50 Cent Says Dave East, Fabolous & Don Q all Owe Him Money

50 Cent plays zero games when it comes to his money, the rapper has already called out numerous people who owe him money even if its a minuscule amount.

In a video posted to his IG last night the Queens rapper decided to take aim at a couple other New York rappers including Dave East, Don Q & Fobolous saying “That n---a Dave East owe me money, Fabolous owe me money and...Don Q owe me money now".

Shortly after 50 posted High Bridge's own Don Q took to IG to respond:

“Man I be partying with this n---a 50 Cent all weekend, we are in the club and this nigga be passing me bottles every 15 minutes, I don’t know how much this shits cost I ain’t spend no money. I just want to make sure I don’t owe you nothing"

Don Q then goes on to say "If I do, hit me up and let’s clear the tab, I ain’t trying to burn no bridges. I need to be in the TV shows son that you got coming up, Let’s sit down, let’s talk, let’s figure this out. Cash app, wire, whatever you need, let’s solve this shit ASAP. You already know.”

Fab & Dave East have yet to respond...

Check out the IG videos below...

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