Train Your Kids On Unlawful Police Interrogations

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After watching Ava Duvernay's 'When They See Us' documentary we got the thinking about the need to teach our kids how to move when in contact with police to avoid them being coerced into giving up false confessions for crimes they didn't commit.

With the help of activist Shaun King and the folks at Prison Culture, below are some simple things that you can teach your kids to say:

1. Officer am I free to go?

2. If they say NO, then you are UNDER ARREST.

3. Name, I will remain silent. I want a lawyer (NOT I WANT MY MOM OR DAD OR GRANDMA).

Check out this amazing interview that Honey German did with Author and Civil Right's attorney Royce Russell in which he tells us how we can all proceed when we come in contact with police.

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