Is Your Accent Sexy? A New Survey Gives Us The Answers!

Now, we all know that most of us have soft spots in our hearts for hotties with some type of accent. You really don't have to be from an exotic place like, Italy or Jamaica, to have a distinct verbiage. So, the question is: Do you think other people find your accent sexy?

Well, a new survey created by the travel company Big 7 has posed the question on a grander scale. The survey was developed with the purpose of ranking the sexiest and least sexiest accents in the United States.

Now the list doesn't hit each and every accent within the country but, it does mention many of them like our very own tri-state area. Guess where we were ranked on the list?

Basically, dead last. The winner of the LEAST sexy accent on the list goes to Long Island! Coming in at #50, we are sure our Long Islanders will argue their ranking. New Jersey came in second to last at #49 on the list meaning majority of the world, as told by Big 7, do not like Long Island or Jersey accents. However, New York in general ranked #3 on the list as one of the sexiest accents in the U.S..

More shockingly, the accent that came in #1 place as the sexiest of them all is a Texan accent! Well, maybe it isn't that shocking being that Beyoncé is from Texas!

Check out the full list below! Let me know if you think this list should be modified!

50th. Long Islander

49th. New Jersey

48th. Minnesotan

47th. Alaskan

46th. California Valley

45th. Southern Ohioan

44th. Floridian

43rd. Pittsburgh

42nd. Cincinnati

41st. Pennsylvania Dutch

40th. Appalachian

39th. Colorado

38th. Providence

37th. Tallahassee

36th. Ozark

35th. “Hoi Toider”

34th. San Francisco

33rd. Hudson Valley

32nd. General American

31st. Atlanta

30th. New Mexican

29th. Milwaukee

28th. Western

27th. Charleston

26th. Kentucky

25th. New Orleans

24th. Oklahoma

23rd. Cleveland

22nd. Connecticut

21st. Kansas

20th. Tennesseean

19th. Virginia Piedmont

18th. Baltimorese

17th. Alabama

16th. Midwestern

15th. Cajun

14th. Yooper

13th. Miami

12th. Chicano

11th. Northwestern

10th. Californian

9th. St. Louis

8th. Philadelphia

7th. Hawaiian

6th. Mississippi

5th. Chicago

4th. Mainer

3rd. New York

2nd. Bostonian

1st. Texan

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