New Film About A White Man Pretending To Be A Black Woman Gets Dragged

A new movie is getting DRAGGED after a trailer for the movie titled 'Loqueesha' has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

In the movie we see a White man transform himself into a Black woman in order to get a radio job which calls for minority women to apply. Jeremy Saville, who wrote, directed and stars in the controversial film, uses auditory blackface to fulfill the stereotype of the strong Black woman, as played by Mara Hall.

"Even choosing the name Loqueesha is racist, coded to sound loud and "ghetto." Our names are beautiful and stemmed in a dream of individuality and representation. Every nameless Black female interpretation is rooted in misogynoir." wrote one of the many Twitter users left appalled.

Some argue that this is comparable to the Wayans Brothers doing the 'White Chicks' movie.

The movie is set to be released July 2019.

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