Eminem Now Has As Many Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 Hits as Jay-Z

Marking now 20 years in the hip-hop industry, Eminem can give himself another pat on the back as he recently tied a Billboard record with fellow rap king Jay-Z.

Chart Data reports,

"Eminem has officially tied Jay-Z in the number of Top 10 hits he's been a part of at twenty-one. Jay-Z was sitting at the third spot in terms of rappers on the list, and now, the two are tied as the artists to have reached this height in their careers. At the rate that Eminem has been working, he might be gunning for first place. He doesn't seem satisfied with any assumption that his career could be nearing an end and with his feature on Logic's "Homicide," he makes it clear that he's still coming for blood."

Above the two emcees are rappers Lil Wayne (24) and Drake (33). Drake succeeded Jay-Z's record in January 2018 with the release of several singles and songs off of his Scorpion album. It brought his amount of Top 10 hits to 22 but eventually 11 additional entries including "Goin Bad," with whom he was a featured artist. It gave Meek Mill first top 10 single in America ever.

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