Missy Elliott Receives Honorary Doctorates From Berkley College Of Music

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Congratulations to Missy Elliott who has recently received her honorary doctorate degree from Berklee College of Music!

Missy Elliott is now known to be the very FIRST female rapper to receive this degree. This year seems to be going very well for her as she was also inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in January!

In her graduation speech Missy said, "There will be ups and downs - prepare for that. As long as you are breathing it is never too late. Don't forget that. You have come too far to quit."

Missy Elliott shared her accomplishment with fans in a video she posted on Instagram. The video shows Missy holding her degree while dancing to Ann Nesby's "As Long as You Keep Your Head To The Sky." The Caption next to the video reads, "Create your own lane!!!!!! Sincerely Dr. Missy Elliott #VA #757."

Congratulations again to Missy Elliott and may she continue to receive blessings throughout the year!

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Photo: Getty Images

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