'Empire' Series Will Be Coming To A Close After Its Sixth Season

Fox's "Empire" ATAS Academy Event - Inside

The Fox television drama series 'Empire' is set to come to an end after its sixth season.

The show made its primetime debut in 2015 with a suspenseful storyline and interpretation of real-life events, the show evolved overtime and actually became bigger than most expected!

Fox network revealed the news earlier today (May 13) making light on the show which was created by Lee Daniels. 'Empire' is now on its 100th episode, meaning that the it has a chance of being syndicated.

Fox Entertainment's CEO Charlie Collier mentioned to Entertainment Weekly that this last season may leave fans with some satisfaction. "We are turning the final season into a large TV event. We are trying to go out guns blazing," said Collier. "One of the great benefits of announcing the final season is that it actually allows fans to lean in and have the ending they deserve. Six years is a remarkable run," Collier added.

Hopefully this last season will be satisfying and rememberable!

Photo: Getty Images

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