Queen Naija Gets Her Body Done - Shares Results Video

2019 Billboard Music Awards - Red Carpet

YouTuber turned breakout star Queen Naija is keeping it a buck and letting the world know that she had her body done and is even showing us the results.

In the social media video we see the singer in her waist trainer as she explains that the fat from her waist was transferred to her hips before turning around and showing a whole lot of new booty. We're all here for these mommy makeovers and a good boost of self-esteem.


"now if I would have kept it a secret,like a lot of other women who’ve had surgery.. everyone would have saying “liar, did you get surgery, why you hiding it?” Lol I tell the truth & it’s still an issue. Hilarious. 😂 imma take my new booty and hide in a ditch"

Queen Naija and boyfriend Clarence White recently welcomed their first child together and Naija's second.

Photo: Getty

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