Meet Iddris Sandu The Tech Genius Behind Nipsey Hussle's "Marathon" Store

Iddris Sandu is only 22 years old (His Birthday was the other day) and has not only already paved the way for more people of color to enter the tech world, but has coded for Uber, Snapchat, Google, and Instagram! Many of the devices algorithms that we use everyday were worked on by Sandu. The young tech Entrepreneur also has a foot in the Hip-Hop world as he has worked with the likes of Kanye West & Jaden Smith, but one of the people he was most proud to work with was the late Nipsey Hussle.

Stopping by The Angie Martinez show today he broke down how he broke down how he met Nipsey Hussle. It all happened on a day that he decided to do some work in a Starbucks for a music program he was trying to create, while he doesn't normally work at Starbucks something told him to go there that day. While he was there Nip rolled up to the coffee shop, after ordering something he went to the bathroom 4 times which Sandu revealed was because he wanted to get a better look at what he was doing. When Nipsey finally approached him Sandu said it was the nicest way someone has ever approached him, going on to say that Nip wanted to learn about what he was working and from then on the rest is History. Sandu would go on to work on new audio software with the rapper that has yet to be released, as well as help him do a lot of the designing for the "Marathon" store.

Something else that is of importance to Sandu is making it cool to be a person of color in the tech space, citing that there is no one in the tech space that has the cultures back (something that he is avidly trying to change). That being said he shared a story with Angie about a young gang member who was on his way to kill someone who did him wrong when he heard one of Sandu's talks and then decided to put down the gun and pick up a computer instead saying that Sandu inspired him to make a change in his life.

You can check out Idrris Sandu's Full interview above...

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