Tune In To Ciara's "Embracing Your Beauty Marks" This Friday May 10th!

This Friday May 10th at 5pm in celebration of her brand new album Ciara will be sitting down with Angie Martinez at Youtube for an intimate conversation as they take you on a musical journey in celebration of her new project Beauty Marks.

Ciara announced back in March that her new album would be coming out in May as fans have been waiting for the project since she dropped the hit single "Level Up" and most recently "Thinking Bout You"! The album will also feature the likes of Kelly Rowland, Tekno & Macklemore!

"Beauty Marks" is also serving as the first album that the artist is putting out under new label imprint, Beauty Marks Entertainment. She recently sat down with iHeart radio to discuss why this project is so special and what she is trying to accomplish with it, "My mission for my project is to inspire the world, to inject love, and make the world dance. That's all I want to do. So, there's a few slow songs, like two, but the rest of it, you're moving nonstop."

The cover for the project features Ciara covered in Black paint resembling somewhat of a body suit, it was a risk that she had never taken before that at the end of they paid off in a big way, adding on that it wasn't the most comfortable experience for her, "I was freezing cold during the shoot, and that was very complicated to wash off, but it was worth it, and I'm really proud of it."

"Beauty Marks" (Releasing May 10th) is Ciara’s follow-up to her 2015 album Jackie" and her 7th Studio album.

Tune into the livestream below this Friday at 5pm!

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