Brooklyn Teen Charged With Murder After Stabbing Another Teen To Death

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A Brooklyn teen has now been charged with murder after stabbing another young teen to death in front of a 7-Eleven on Monday (April 29). According to reports the teen's mom was an accomplice to the brutal incident.

At around 4 PM on Monday David Lopez 17, reportedly stabbed Rohan Burke in the chest and neck. Surveillance footage shows the teen's mother 38-year-old Barbara Galloza, standing beside him, she ten took the weapon away from him and stashed it.

"She immediately grabs the knife and hurries away with the knife", said Prosecutor Wilfredo Cotto. "What we allege was caught in video surveillance...The knife's location is unknown. The mother refused to reveal the knife's location." Galloza is now in jail being held on a $25,000 bond.

David Lopez is also being charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

The stab wounds that Rohan Burke reportedly punctured one of his arteries. After the incident Burke made his way to a near by restaurant in search of help and was taken to a local hospital where he died from the injuries.

Photo: Getty Images

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