Bestie Goals, Travis Scott & Kid Cudi Get Matching Ink.

61st Annual GRAMMY Awards - Inside

We really kind of wish we were there.

Travis Scott celebrated his 28th birthday this week with a star studded gas station themed party that was out of this Astroworld. This all being thanks to his wifey and Stormi's momma Kylie Jenner, who was the creative visionary for the party.

The event not only featured Hennessy Slurpee machines and "gas" station edibles but there was also a station to get inked down. Video clips from Kylie and Travis show the couple getting some new marks that will last a life time.

Now, you might think that Kylie and Travis would solidify their everlasting love with some matching tats and truly be "couple goals". However, it looks like Trav wanted to be matching into eternity with someone else by a "K" initial. Trav and Kid Cudi will now be bonded for life since getting their matching "Rager" tattoos.

This name having a special meaning to both rappers since it is an ode to Cudi's alter ego Mr. Rager. Travis has also publicly praised Cudi for being one of his favorite rappers and biggest inspirations so it only makes sense as a die hard fan!

"Kid Cudi was my guy. If I had no weed, he was my drug."

Check out the rappers' matching ink below!

Photos @ GettyImages.

WATCH Kylie Jenner Goes All Out For Travis Scott's Birthday! - Thumbnail Image

WATCH Kylie Jenner Goes All Out For Travis Scott's Birthday!

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