French Soccer Club Claims To Have Been Affected By The 'Drake Curse'

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The Paris Saint German French soccer team is claiming that Drake put a curse on their team.

Apparently this has become a reoccurring thing known as the 'Drake Curse'. For those who don't know the curse happens when an athlete or team losses after taking a picture with Drake or when he wears the team's merchandise. Despite the fact that their is some evidence to this 'Drake Curse' athletes continue to take pictures with him.

The most recent victim of this curse was French soccer player Layvin Kurzawa who plays for the Paris Saint German team. Kurzawa took a picture with Drake while on his Assassination Vacation tour in Europe right before a championship match. Two days later days later PSG had their worst loss in 10 years. To make matters worse, Fox Sports also reported that the team lost their captain as well as a teammate due to being injured while playing in the championship game.

The Paris Saint Germans can now be added to a long list of athletes and teams who have been tainted by the 'Drake Curse', other soccer players, MMA fighters, college teams and even professional basketball teams claimed to have been affected by the curse as well.

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