Wiz Khalifa Is Getting A Docuseries on Apple Music.

Wiz Khalifa is about to get a docuseries in his honor! The doc is said to follow Wiz's rise to stardom in the rap game and it will premiere as a new show on Apple Music.

The doc titled Wiz Khalifa: Behind the Cam will be a mere five episodes long. The title is a play on words using Wiz's real name Cameron Thomaz. The show is set to hit the digital airways next week April 17th. All five of the episodes will be available on Apple Music at the same time.

A trailer of the new show was posted on Taylor Gang's Instagram page. The trailer shows Wiz throughout his rap career as he narrates in a voiceover. A variety of shots of Wiz rolling up, performing on stage, and in the studio can all be seen in short clip.

Check out the trailer down below!

Photos @ GettyImages.

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