City Girls Talk Holding Down While JT Is Locked Up, QC Being a Family

Yung Miami of City Girls pulled up to The Angie Martinez show today to talk about holding it down for her other have JT while she is locked up, how she started getting into rapping + more!

The City girls are currently on their 3rd week of touring the country with Lil Baby. Speaking on being a full time artist now Miami said that at first she was enjoying the shows and all that but now it's starting to feel more like work. Not having her other half around also makes it a litte hard on her, “its hard because I gotta do everything but it doesn’t bother me because I know I’m holding it down for the group”. However the two of them speak all the time and while JT is bummed about missing all of the hype around the group she cannot wait to be out and get back to work.

They are also celebrating going on two years as a group, speaking on their early days she said, “I used to play around like I wanted to be a rapper, JT always wanted it though like she wanted to be rapper and used to rap with her dad". While it started out as just a hobby for her it is finally starting to feel normal, however mentioning it was easier while JT was around, now she is learning to handle everything on her own.

Check out City Girls full Interview below...

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