Telly Zelly Talks Current State of Music, What It Takes To Make It In NYC

In the 4th week of the Come up Show with got 19 year old Telly Zelly in the building repping Bushwick Brooklyn! Growing up in that area of Brooklyn she spoke about growing up in the area and how a lot is changing now because of gentrification.

Touching on what she think it takes to make it out here as an artists she said, "as an individual you have to have the confidence and not caring what people think, you really have to have that solid foundation, it doesn't matter what people think it shouldn be able to penetrate my inner being."

The 212 Come Up' presented by AT&T goes down every Sunday at 10 PM EST, All music played on the show will be New York based and will include tracks from both independent artists and certified New York hip-hop GOATS.

Must be 18 to enter.Click here to submit your music and may the best artist win!!!

Check out Telly Zelly's Full Interview and Freestyle below...

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