Maino Talks Working With Nipsey Hussle, LHHNY, New Macy Grey Collab

Maino pulled up to The Angie Martinez show today after dropping his brand new record with Macy Gray and starring on the most recent season of Love & Hip- Hop New York.

While this was his first season on the hit VH1 reality show Maino went in to the show with an entire list of rules so they wouldn't play him saying, “I Came in with rules before they could even open they mouth”. Adding on that he let the producers know what he was ok with doing and what he was completely against. When asked if he was going to do another season of the show he said "We'll cross that bridge when it comes".

Obviously the biggest news story of the week and maybe the year is the passing of Nipsey Hussle, this personally has been really tough on Maino as he was the first artist from New York to work with the Los Angeles rapper. He also had just seen him with his daughter in LA, while he was paying a visit to his own child. Going on to talk about how people make it and then return to their hood only to pass away in the same place you came from, “Then we get out, and just to die like we never left, we got out so we could escape all that, and then you get killed like a dude who never left the hood is unbelievable".

Check out Angies full Interview with Maino below...

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