Casanova Talks Being Called The New Hov, NY Rappers Not Helping Each Other

Casanova Talks Being Called The New Hov, New York Rappers Not Helping Eachother, + 50 Cents Advice to Him

You may or may not know but Casanova three years ago wasn't taking this rap thing to seriously, speaking on the rapper he said, “I used to just be around rappers a lot, then once I went to the studio, I saw the process, you be like hey maybe I could try this myself”. While the Brooklyn rapper has made a name for himself out here he is still getting used to the fact that he is an artist now. His latest record "2am" with Davido & Tory Lanez has already taken over on Urban radio, but Cas isn't done yet revealing he has a record with Chris Brown in the stash that he plans to drop around the spring time.

Unfortunately for Cas he got caught in the cross-airs of many people when he wore Gucci to the Roc Nation Brunch. While he said he didn't know people were boycotting the brand he did say that he would continue to wear the clothes "to the store'. This would also be the 3rd time he has been to the Roc Nation brunch although he isn't even sure how he finessed his way to the first one.

Young Thug recently called Casanova "The New Hov", in which his reply was, “ I think Young Thug is just a real individual, I think there is a lot of people in the industry but as of all the south people I meet, they show me more love than the NY people”. Cas then went into about how OG New York rappers arn't out here helping out the young ones who are coming up, while in the south it seems as if everyone helps everyone.

With Tekashi 6ix9ine being locked up for now Casanova did applaud him for being smart on social media bringing more attention to himself by starting beef, "He was smart, he was tricking people, he would trick you to respond to him or go crazy to the point where people were saying Ima fucking kill this dude."

Check out Casanova's full Interview on The Angie Martinez show below



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