Real Review: The Prom On Broadway

Ok I will come straight out and say this may be the best musical on Broadway right now!

Last night I grabbed three of my closest friends and we crashed the Longacre Theatre to relive The Prom experience and we got way more than confetti, balloons and some sweet ass punch. We were blown away by what we all could agree on was a straight hilarious experience with a SOLID message behind it.

The Prom focuses on the struggles of a lesbian teen not being accepted by her closed minded family, community and peers, her girlfriend trying to come out herself and the Broadway folks who pulled up to their rural town in an attempt to gain notoriety and try to revamp their careers.

While the dancing is on point, the signing mind-blowing, the message of acceptance, tolerance, inclusiveness and self evaluation was truly what mattered the most to me. I personally left the theater feeling that there's definitely more room in my heart for more LOVE and some reevaluating of my own self-centered ways.

While the musical is amazing for all, if there's any sort of teen in your life struggling with their sexuality or LGBTQ acceptance issues, this would be great for them to experience.

I can assure you that you will leave The Prom ready to tell anyone who will listen that they need to pick up some tickets ASAP.



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