Kodak Black & Reginae Carter Get Into It Over Lil Wayne!

Now, we know that Lil Wayne has dedicated fans that go hard for him, but no one goes quite as hard as his oldest daughter Reginae Carter. We have seen Nae wild out on people in comments who have negative things to say about her daddy.

Well, it seems like no one including other celebrities are able to speak on her father in a negative light.

It is reported that after Kodak's performance at club LIV yesterday, the rapper had a few things to get off of his chest about Wayne. Allegedly Kodak called Wayne on the phone saying that he is a maggot and told him that he should have "died as a baby".

Kodak says that he was told Wayne was coming through to show love to him but the club was shutting down for the night and that is the reason he contacted Wayne in the first place. One thing led to another and Nae was not having any of the slander that was directed towards her father. She took to Instagram to call out any rapper that has something to say. She says:


Following Nae's statements Kodak decided to clear the air via his Instagram story. He says:


In case you need subtitles for the video above Kodak says:

"Me and dude had a whole song together then his bald-headed daughter, like -- I fuck with the whole set-up n' shit but don't be coming at me, bruh, 'cause when you come at me, I'm gonna come back, Nobody said nothin' to that little girl, bruh. First of all, nobody said nothin' to your daddy so don't be comin' at me like that. I ain't no shorty, I ain't no peon."

Reginae's mother, Toya Wright chimed in as well. It must be like daughter like mother because she came for Kodak too. Look at what she said! 

Who do you think won this clapback battle? Let me know!



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