Bronx Artist Melii Reveals She Shot Her Ex-Boyfriend

In a very emotional and raw Instagram post Melii has revealed that two years ago she shot a man she was dating and he was left paralyzed.

While the singer had managed to keep the sad and tragic ordeal under wraps since she popped up on the scene, it appears that her the man has been harassing her and is even suing her, so this has prompted her to go public with her story.

"I’m tired of being harassed about something God knows in my heart ain’t cold enough to do something willingly to someone I cared for I just wish the harassment stops I don had to block this person becuase he faked a picture laying down looking like he killed his self and said to me this is ur fault. I see blood in my sleep , I see blood when I eat I panic with loud sounds and everyday I panic just knowing I’ll be forced to be around ppl to push my melii brand I don’t ask for pitty I ask for a mutual understanding that for him it was physical but my mental and physical has been affected tooo n there is not one day I don’t think about it so please just stop."

Check out Melii's full description of her ordeal below.

If your or someone you know is suffering from mental health issues click here.

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