Police Report Claims 21 Savage Had Loaded Glock With Extendo

The police are now revealing more details on what led to the arrest of 21 Savage and they're saying that when he was pulled over there was a loaded Glock firearm in the glovebox of the vehicle he was driving.

TMZ reports that they have obtained three police reports which give a play by play of what took place the day he was taken into custody and the evidence inventory notes that he was driving around with a Glock which had an extended magazine.

On Thursday, Jay-Z 's RocNation announced that will be providing 21 with the best of legal representation that money can buy. Many other celebrities have also expressed their desire to help him financially and have offered moral support. A "free 21 Savage" has also been launched by the amazing folks of 'Black Lives Matter.'

We pray all of these legal issues 21 is facing are sorted out and he gets back to making great music.

Photo: Getty



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