Is Valentine's Day Just A Hallmark Holiday?

Is Valentine's Day a hallmark holiday? A day made up just so you can buy a lovey dovey card and box of chocolates for your significant other? Well I got news for you... Valentine's Day has a rich history that goes back to 269 A.D.

The legend goes that Valentinus, a theologian and teacher, was imprisoned for his Christian beliefs and sentenced to death. While in jail, Valentinus restored the sight of his jailer's blind daughter. The night before he died, Valentinus wrote a goodbye note to the girl in which he signed it "From Your Valentine." His death sentence was carried out the day on February 14th 269 A.D.

The first noted card wasn't published until much later by an Esther Howland of Worcester, Mass in 1849. As for the company Hallmark, they didn't offer Valentine's Day cards until 1913, and then began producing them 3 years later.

Of course in today's climate, the holiday has definitely taken a turn away from it's rich history. The "Hallmark holiday" or "Man Made" holiday as Honey German says, is what Valentine's Day has formed into over the years. Although Hallmark denies it, but many people think of the holiday as a marketing scheme to get your significant other to buy cards. One listener of the Life In Spanglish podcast wrote in to Honey and Carolina Bermudez to ask if she should dump her man for not wanting to celebrate Valentine's Day. "If the relationship is good, if it's spicy... Valentine's Day is just another day." Carolina agrees saying, "It's a Hallmark holiday," Honey chimes in saying, "Don't push him."

What do you think about the holiday? Would you be upset if your man or woman didn't spoil you on February 14th every year? Comment and check out more of what Honey and Carolina had to say on the topic by listening below!

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