V-Day Dates To Spoil Your Boo, On A Budget!

Valentine's Day is approaching fast! It is only a matter of time before it's February 13th and you have nothing planned..

So please, do not hit your boo with the obvious last minute date or gift idea. Even if you are on a budget, I have a list of inexpensive ways to spoil your bae this V-Day! Since you're saving money on the date, don't forget to put that extra change into a sentimental gift to show them you went the extra mile! 

Make a Meal From Scratch Together : Though this might require a little change for the groceries, it still wouldn't be as much as going out! Plus, if you already have the ingredients at home this date is completely free. Use your decorating skills to finesse a romantic ambience, turning your kitchen table into a sexy private dinner. 

Tour A Museum : There are so many museums in the city that give you an amazing experience free of charge! Take your boo to get cultured this V-Day and the rest will be history! Places like Sony Square NYC even take professional photos of you and your babe while enjoying the event, for free! 

Body Painting : Instead of going out to a typical 'Sip & Paint', stay home and paint each other. This can be a great way to show your love that they are the only work of art in your life. Make sure the paint is non-toxic though!

  Game Night : If your bae is really into playing games (no pun intended), this would be the perfect time to show them you've been paying attention. You can get a few of their favorite games and let them know the rules have changed! Turn any game into a steamy wager or a strip tease.

  DIY Spa : This is your opportunity to get your hands on your date with a good reason. Relieve their stress with a full body massage! Make sure you actually give them a good rub down before your hands start wandering. Regardless of your budget, this holiday is all about loving. As long as you put your heart into your plans for your boo, you should have the best Valentine's Day ever! Show your honey that it's not about the price but it is all about the passion you have!

Photos @ GettyImages. 

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