The Future Apple Watch Will Save Your Life!

The innovators at Apple have relentlessly created technology that is not only smart but also life changing. With it's products capabilities of tracking things from your heart rate to the last thing you ate; Apple has made sure your health and wealth are things that you can monitor. 

The Apple team has already been thinking of ways to be more impactful to your life for the future. There has been word that the team is planning on creating Apple Watches that will be able to save your life! The brand was granted access to technology that will be able to detect the presence of harmful gases in the air. 

Gases like carbon monoxide are poisonous but are not detectible because they are invisible and odorless. These gases have the ability to kill someone before they are even aware they've been inhaling the chemical. 

A report by PatentlyApple, says that the future of all Apple products may include this poisonous gas sensor! 

“Having a mini gas sensor built into an iPhone or Apple Watch, will be able to notify a user that they could be in a dangerous environment at home, at work or in the public,” PatentlyApple states.

Apple applied for a patent to get this framework last year but that does not mean that these innovations will be available anytime soon! However, it is great to see that technology is being used to preserve our lives instead of being used to spark the latest social media craze! 

What do you think about of the future of Apple devices? Let me know! 

Photos @ GettyImages. 

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