Fans Shame Cardi B for Provocative Pictures

Cardi B is known for being wild, unfiltered and un-apologetically authentic. The Bronx native has made a name for herself through chart topping tracks and using platforms life Instagram to share her personality with the world -even if some don't agree her vulgarity. 

Recently, Cardi made headlines when she had some words regarding President Trump and the current government shut down. The Invasion of Privacy rapper caught the public's attention once more when she posted a slew of Instagram photos on Saturday posing proactively. The photos followed the AVN Awards Show, also known as the "Oscars of Porn." 

A good amount of comments show support for Cardi as she embraces her confidence and curves while others shame her for her poses while being a mother.

“You are def doing to much,” one follower wrote. “Where is you baby daddy. Why can’t he mature you. YOUR A MOTHER NOW !!!” “You are a mom Cardi, a f***ing mom,” said another. 

Others were concerned that Cardi's younger fans would be affected: 

 “I can see a lot of kids looking up to u. Not to impressive,” one fan wrote. “That’s a bit much too put on the Instagram Remember kids use this too,” wrote another. 

Cardi's sister Hennessey Carolina came to her sisters' defense in the comment section. “I hate when people wanna say “you need to be a good example to kids” like who are you Elmo, Barnie do you work at Disney channel? why do people kids have instagram anyways? pleaseeeee, YOU LOOK HOTTTTT! And im glad your getting your confidence back after bby girl.”

Check out the photos below. 

Photo: Getty 

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