FAA Stops LaGuardia Flights, Delays in Newark, Philly Over Staff Shortage

FAA Stops Flights into LaGuardia, Newark, Philly Over Staff Shorting

Area airports are starting to feel the affects of a depleted workforce of federal employees more than a month into the shutdown of the federal government. 

Due to a shortage of air traffic control staff, the FAA announced Friday that it was delaying flights into a number of busy airports around the country, including LaGuardia Airport in New York, Newark Airport in New Jersey and Philadelphia International Airport in Pennsylvania.

FAA staffing issues in Virginia and Jacksonville were reportedly to blame.

Flights to LaGuardia were delayed over 40 minutes Friday morning. Gate hold and taxi delays were an additional 15 - 30 minutes. 

Through a statement on its website, the FAA advised people who were flying Friday to check with their airlines to see if their flights were affected by the delays.

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