Hulu Lowers Their Prices. Netflix Should Be Shook!

Last week, it was reported that the Netflix company decided it was time to raise their prices per subscription. A lot of people were disappointed, but obviously no one was really ready to give up their binging. Well now, Hulu is giving us the chance to continue the binge at an even lower cost! It looks like they may have started a streaming war! 

Hulu announced that beginning on February 26th they will lower their ad-supported subscription plan from the current $7.99 to $5.99! You may be wondering if this pricing drop comes with a catch, well it doesn't! Customers will not see any changes in ad volume once the switch happens. However, the current $11.99-per-month “no commercials” plan will stay at that price. 

Hulu's price decrease comes at the perfect time; just a few days after Netflix announced their increased subscription rates. Though Netflix offers their plans completely free of commercials, Hulu has created such a large pricing gap that some people may be willing to put up with the ads for the low cost. It is also said to exclusively offer many shows that Netflix does not have.  

Disney is actually in the process of consuming ownership for Hulu. It is unclear yet whether or not this price decrease will change once the companies merge. For the time being this is a great change for current Hulu users. Disney hopes to use Hulu in their strategies to create a service that is more adult-oriented than Disney+ will be.

Hulu and Netflix are obviously the leaders of online streaming innovations, but who do you think has the better service? Let me know below! 

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Netflix Needs To Netflix & Chill With These Prices! - Thumbnail Image

Netflix Needs To Netflix & Chill With These Prices!

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