Comethazine Talks New Album, Not Believing in Romance + Owning Businesses

 The week of dropping Bawskee 2 Comethazine drops by Power 105.1 to talk with Nyla Symone about his album inspiration and life outside of music. Cometh talks about owning multiple businesses and the importance of investing his money into things outside of the music industry. He also talks about life growing up in Louisiana and being diagnosed with ADHD as a kid, even though he doesn't believe in it. 

We all know about Comethazine's deep love for Demi Lavato but we dig a little bit into Meth's love life and his plans for Valentine's Day this year. For the ladies who care don't feel discouraged in any way he admits that he does read his DM's and how he handles his fans and all the fan love on social media. 

Comethazine also address his controversial baby photo's that he posted of himself smoking a cigarette as a child. Here's a snipper below: