Cardi B Drags Tomi Lahren: 'Leave Me Alone I Will Dog Walk You'

Cardi B is not here for the disrespect.

The government shutdown is making people quite uncomfortable due to it's uncertain outcome. Bronx native, Cardi B recently voiced her frustrations regarding the political matter and shared her thoughts in an Instagram video:  "Our country is a hellhole right now," she said, "all for a fu*king wall. And we really need to take this serious."

Cardi continued her PSA by adding that government workers would be summoned to work without pay. She continued: 

"Now, I don’t want to hear y’all motherf**kers talking about, 'Oh, but Obama shut down the government for 17 days.' Yeah, b**ch, for health care! So your grandma could check her blood pressure and you b**ches could go check your pu**y in the gynecologist with no motherfu**ing problem.”

Not everyone agreed with Cardi's comments because the host of Fox Nation and  an unapologetic conservative Tomi Lahren came for the Invasion of Privacy rapper by tweeting, "Looks like @iamcardib is the latest genius political mind to endorse the Democrats. HA! Keep it up, guys! #MAGA2020."

The two went head to head in several tweets that consisted of Cardi calling Lahren a sheep and blinded by racism. She also publicly announced she would be paying an estimate of $4 million dollars in taxes this year. 

Who are you siding with? Check out the feud below. 

Photo: Getty 

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