NY Pushing To Let Employees Ignore Boss After Work

We all know the struggle of having to answer work e-mails and text when we're off the clock and New York City is looking to fix that for us.

Employees of private companies in NYC will be able to ignore their bosses’ after-hours e-mails and texts without penalty under proposed legislation that’s moving forward in City Council. The Right to Disconnect bill would bar firms from requiring workers to check e-mail or other electronic communications outside the normal workday unless their contracts specify otherwise.

Councilman Rafael Espinal said he introduced the bill because “science and studies have shown it is beneficial to both workers and businesses, which is why I think it’s positive to implement.”

Bosses would be subject to fines starting at $500 if they sanction an employee for not resonding to them during their free time.

The bill has been slated for a Thursday public hearing despite opposition from the business world.  But of course they would oppose.

Photo: Getty

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