The 'Coming To America' Sequel Gets a Director

"Bark like a dog, a big dog?" 

A famous quote from a classic movie like Coming To America will forever and always be a household favorite. 

As if we haven't waited long enough, the 1988 blockbuster comedy announced their would be a Coming To America 2 coming our way soon. The film has finally found a director, Craig Brewer, who is set to bring the second film to it's rightful glory. Brewer just directed Murphy in Dolemite Is My Name. 

Actor Eddie Murphy is set to reprise his original role as Akeem, the "pampered African prince who became bored of potential marriage partners in the kingdom too in awe of him, and who traveled to Queens to go undercover and find a woman with a strong will that he could respect." 

According to Deadline, in the sequel "Akeem learns about a long lost son, and must return to America to meet his unlikely heir to the throne of Zamunda." Brewer intends to bring the original cast on board for the sequel, including, Arsenio Hall who played Semmi, the prince's aide and James Earl Jones, the king. 

A date for release has yet to be set, but Brewer intends to begin production this year. 

Photo: Getty 

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