Deer Crashes Through Living Room Window of NJ Home

A Sussex County couple awoke Saturday morning to confront an unwelcome guest in their home. 

While the burglar wasn't there to steal anything, it sure did some damage.

Denise Minimi, of Wantage, says that around 6:50 a.m. Saturday she heard a loud crash downstairs in her home. She initially thought it was the sound of her husband falling, but as she went to investigate, the racket only continued. 

"I just kept hearing, in that couple seconds [that I was] running down the stairs, I'm heard all this noise," Minimi told the New Jersey Herald. "At that point I didn't know [what the sound was], but I was hearing hooves hitting my hardwood floor."

Minimi went into the kitchen, where she first encountered the deer. It had entered the home by breaking through a living-room window. It continued running through the dining room, then into the family room, where Phil had been sleeping in a chair.

From there it began to frantically dart around the home. Denise attempted to usher the deer to an exit, but instead it ran to another living room window and crashed its way onto the deck and ran away.

Denise presumes the terrified deer saw the yard through the window and made a break for it.

When the dust settled the Minimis had their work cut out for them — it was not how they planned to spent their Saturday morning.

"There was glass and blood and everything everywhere," Denise said, adding that she's not sure how long the deer was in the house — maybe 10 - 15 minutes — but that she's thankful no one was hurt.

She suspects the deer was spooked by a loud noise and ran toward the house.

Photo: Getty Images


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