5 Reasons Why Winter Birthdays Are Great!

With it being our very own Angie Martinez's birthday today, (Happy Birthday Angie), it got me thinking what can you really do when you have a frigid, winter birthday? It seems like the Spring, Summer, and Fall babies have all the perks of beautiful weather! Well, if you are a winter baby like Angie I have 5 reasons why your birthday is so special! 

1. That Holiday Break: No matter what day your birthday falls on you get a chance to take a break during the holiday season. No school, work, or stress--at least for a little while. 

2. Post Holiday Blues: The Party never stops for you if you have a winter birthday! After all the holiday parties are done, there's a big celebration for you and only you... -I might need to change my birthdate. 

3. Everyone Is Together: With your birthday being so close to a plethora of holidays, its extremely easy to get everyone together for your special day since they will be home for the holidays! 

4. Gifts Never Stop: If you didn't get exactly what you wanted for the holidays you for damn sure can get it for your birthday! Some people may try to combine your birthday & holiday gifts; but that's still great because it means they will come extra hard with that one BIG gift for you! 

5. Creative Birthday Party Ideas: Since it is usually pretty cold during your birthday it gives you an excuse to try some cool new things indoors! Maybe even play around with some birthday party themes! -Plus if you live in the south or where it's always hot, it's always beautiful weather during your winter birthday anyway! 

If you were born in the winter months let us know some more reasons why winter birthdays are the best! And a very Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating this month! 

Photos @ Getty Images! 

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