That Big Old Bobble Head: Where Did They Come From?

It's National Bobble Head Day. So, if you have been made fun of for having a big old bobble head then today is a day made for you. So ask the they have a national day? With all this talk about bobble heads and seeing your favorite celebrities turned into them the questions remain when, where, and why? 

When: The first bobble heads were created and produced back in the late 1700's and early 1800's. Some of the first references of bobble heads were documented in 1842 in a short composition titled "The Overcoat" by writer Nikolai Gogol

Where: The bobble heads we have come to know and maybe even love originated in Germany. However, even before that people have connected Ancient China's & Japan's string dolls to being the mother of the bobble heads created in Germany. 

Why: This style of dolls was made popular by the Prince of Wales, who had a special interest in Chinese decorations! A few hundred years later... it's clear the Prince wasn't the only one who loved these figurines. 

Check out for more history about these bobble heads. They even have some fun facts about your favorite celebrities and their big old bobble heads.

Photos @ Getty Images. 

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