Suspects Arrested For the Shooting of Jazmine Barnes

The suspects have been arrested in the Walmart shooting death of seven-year-old Jazmine Barnes. 

It was initially thought to be a race hate crime when witnesses described seeing a white man in his 40's fleeing the scene in a red pickup. 

However, according to civil rights activist, Shaun King, who has been working to bring justice to the Barnes family, recently discovered "other eyewitnesses had confused a white man who sped off in his truck as the shooter." 

In a lengthy Instagram post, King states how the miscommunication of the first suspected shooter in the red pickup came to be. 

"Two men, in a completely different vehicle, pulled up and shot and killed Jazmine Barnes, shot her mother, and injured her sisters. Jazmine and the girls were still in pajamas. Her mother and the girls never saw the shooter. They heard the shots, saw that Jazmine was shot in the head, that her mother was shot, and then looked up and saw this red truck with a white man driving it peeling off.

He later mentions that a brave credible eyewitness cleared up the confusion by identifying the correct men Eric Black Jr., 20, and Larry Woodruffe who fatally shot and killed Jazmine. 

The initial shooting was indeed gang related, the suspects confessed they were aiming at someone in a rival gang. The two men are currently being charged with capital murder in the death of Jazmine Barnes. 

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