32 Year Old NY Woman Pretends To Be Teen To Enroll In Local High School

Why must people be like this?

 A 32-year-old New York woman has been arrested after she apparently tried to enroll in High School classes in the city pretending to be a 15-year-old homeless teenager. 

The woman has been identified as Michaelann Goodrich and is currently facing charges including "offering a false instrument for filing, falsifying business records and criminal trespassing", according to NBC

While you may think to yourself how someone could have possibly gotten away with this, apparently Goodrich got pretty far as she rode the bus to school and attended one days worth of classes on December 21st before the Holidays. She also told everyone her name was Riley Madison.

The district superintendent  Anthony Taibi said that administrators at the school felt that something was off about Goodrich and immediately called the police. 

It is not apparent as of yet why she tried to enroll in classes as she does have a High School diploma. 

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