XZIBIT Talks Falling In Love With Hip-Hop, Not Having a Plan B + More!

Xzibit pulled up and spoke about back when he was growing up before the music he wanted to be an architect. Growing up in a time with no internet he speaks about how his parents who were both teachers pushed him in that direction to succeed. 

However, once he fell in love with Hip-Hop he felt that he finally found an outlet where he could kick and scream, while not hurting anyone. He also has lived all over the place originating from Detroit then moving to New Mexico, before finally settling down and growing up in Los Angeles. 

Finally the rapper emphasized that there was never a plan b saying "what motivates me is not having a plan B, I've never had a plan b, plan a has to work, and it may not work today but I'm going to keep hammering at this in order to get where I need to go". 

Check out the full video above!

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