"My Ex Carved My Name Into His Arm" - And Other Crazy Breakup Stories

'But maybe we are really meant to be?' WRONG! Sorry boys and girls but trying to get back together with an ex can be a dangerous business - literally. Honey German of the Life in Spanglish podcast posted to her Instagram telling everyone to give her stories of the "craziest thing an ex did to try and get you back." Let's just say the answers were interesting..... One that stands out the most is the user that told us a guy carved her name into his arm with glass to try and win her back. "That is some real psycho freakin scary stuff," says Carolina Bermudez on the latest episode of  Life in Spanglish. Another user commented that her ex's mom called to tell her that her son lost weight so she should take him back.... Those desperate measures though don't always work. "I feel like it turns you off even more," says Honey. 

Carolina, Honey and their listeners tell their crazy ex breakup stories below! Some have a happy ending others well....... 

"The worst thing a guy ever did for me was he jumped on a redeye flight from L.A. to Miami to win me back. It was romantic, but he cheated on me so I was like 'bye.' I said to him, 'you're not welcomed here, turn around, go back, I don't want you anymore.'"

Carolina Bermudez, Long Island 

"My one ex that was kinda psychotic at the end, he didn't want to let go - at no costs. And for 6-7 months every time he went out drinking he would pop up at my house. And me and Bella were roommates then and I would wake her up and be like 'bitch he's outside again.' And she would go out there and be like 'she don't want you' in her nightgown."

Honey German, Brooklyn 

"My ex tried to run my new boyfriend over with his car once. Surprisingly that isn’t why he’s in jail…."

- Nicole, New York 

"One time during an argument with a girlfriend — I might have been trying to break up with her; I don’t remember — she said she was going to walk “home.” We were in West Orange, NJ, at the time (outside our apartment), but she meant that she was going to go to her mom’s house in Wall, NJ, which is near Belmar. That’d be a 58 mile walk, according to Google so I took her back."

- Frankie, New Jersey 

"My last girlfriend and I met up a few weeks after I broke up with her to get closure and what not. During the conversation she told me that when we broke up she thought she may have been pregnant because she didn't get her period on time. She said if she was pregnant she would “handle” it on her own and not tell me. However she did get her period conveniently the day before we had this meeting and reassured me she wasn’t pregnant."

- Pablo, Long Island 

"Craziest thing my ex tried to do to win me back was not try."

- Mike, Long Island

"Freshman of college, I broke up with my high school boyfriend over text. I lived in Boston and he lived 2 hours away in Newport, RI. He drove to the city at midnight with flowers…"

- Nina, Boston 

You can hear more stories of the craziest things an ex did to win you back and more in the latest episode of Life in Spanglish with Honey German and Carolina Bermudez. Listen below of check in here

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