Jhene Aiko's Advice To Healing For The New Year

Jhene Aiko was asked a question and her answer was right on time for the new year. 

The New Year has arrived and while many set resolutions and goals it's still hard coming out of the holiday spirit and bad habits you want to leave behind in 2018.  Here are some ways to get you back to your grind and also add new healthy habits to your list of accomplishment.

Recommendation for healing by Jhene Aiko: 

Cry, masturbate, take Epsom salt baths w/ lavender oil, burn sage, burn pal santo, hold rose quartz to my heart, sit in the sun, go to the beach, go on nature walks, get hugs from Nami, write in my journal, take CBD oil, use lavender soap, hot showers with eucalyptus steam, hold purring cats, ask God out loud for healing, read Thich Nhat Hanh books, listen to Thich Nhat Hanh audiobooks, write poetry, record freestyles, sound and color therapy, breath deeply, clean the house, organize drawers, drink Kangen water, eat fruits and veggies, take dr. schulze, super food power w/oj, get a massage, see the chiropractor, reiki, limit internet usage, talk to strangers at wholefoods, call your best friend and talk mess, sing along to anything Bob Marley, The album "Blonde" by Frank Ocean, Anything India Arie, everything sade, play Tibetan singing bowls and sleep.

It's the simple things that will make you smile. 

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