Gifts For Everyone Based On Their Personality!

The holiday season is underway! If you are anything like me then you've been putting all your holiday shopping off until the last minute. Well my fellow procrastinators I have a cheat sheet that can help make your last minute gift shopping a little bit easier! 

Here is a compilation of gifts for the people you need to shop for; all categorized by their personalities. So whether you are shopping for a homebody or a tech wiz, I have some ideas for you! 

The Homebody: Personally, I'm a homebody. I love anything that will help me stay in bed longer than I should. Some things a homebody you know may like are: 

  1. Personalized/Custom Large Mugs: (big enough to hold hot chocolate and or cereal). 
  2. Throw Blankets & Fuzzy Socks.
  3. Diffusers or Candles. 
  4. Onesies/ Pajama Sets. 
  5. Skin Care Essentials: (face masks, essential oils, face brushes, etc.) 

The Life of The Party:  These items are for the people who bring the party with them where ever they go. Get them any one of these and regret it instantly... but at least they will be happy. 

  1. Custom/Personalized Shot Glasses 
  2. iPhone/Android Selfie Ring Light Attachment 
  3. Polaroid Camera 
  4. Wireless Headphones 
  5. Wireless Speaker  

The Athlete: Do you know any one who starts their New Year's Resolution Jan. 1st and sticks with it? Well we have some gift ideas for those people on your list who are always on the run. 

  1. A Backpack/ Fannypack 
  2. Portable phone accessories: (portable charger, pop socket, phone case with wallet attachment, etc.)
  3. Personalized/ Custom Water Bottles 
  4. Sneaker/Shoe Gift Card: (better to get a gift card than getting them a gift they hate) 
  5. Smart Watches

The Trend Setter: This is for the person in your life that stays on TheShadeRoom and my have a FashionNova discount code or two. 

  1. Make-up brushes, make up bags, make up cleansers: (if you don't know the make up shades needed to get your gift stick with these basics that everyone can use!) 
  2. Jewelry storage:(some people have sensitivities to different jewelry types so play it safe by giving them a place to hold all their valuables.) 
  3. Hair Accessories: (headbands, head scarves, bobby pins, hats & snapbacks, wave brushes.) 
  4. HandBag or Man Bag 
  5. Sunglasses. (even a cheap throw away pair is great, since losing sunglasses is as easy as eating calories.) 

Photos @ Getty Images 

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